Who might be interested?

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether Deferred Lifetime Income should be part of your retirement plan.

You might consider Deferred Lifetime Income if you:

  • Want monthly payments to supplement other sources of expected income, like a small (or no) UCRP benefit and Social Security.
  • Are interested in sheltering a portion of your retirement savings and future income from financial market volatility, but are unsure about the options available in the retail marketplace.
  • Prefer to plan for long-term financial health now, so you don't need to make complex financial decisions later in life.
  • Have a spouse who may need an additional source of income after your death.
  • Would like to reduce the amount of  minimum required distributions (MRDs) from your retirement savings accounts.

Deferred Lifetime Income may not be right if you:

  • Have a lifetime monthly income stream through the UCRP that will cover your expenses in retirement.
  • Are comfortable with market volatility and potential impact on savings balances.
  • Are confident in your ability to manage your retirement savings investments and withdrawals later in life.
  • Have a spouse with sufficient guaranteed income in retirement from other sources.

Note that Deferred Lifetime Income is different than UCRP and is not guaranteed by UC or the UC RSP plans. Payments will come directly from an insurance company, rather than from UC or the UC RSP. Consider your potential UCRP benefits and other income sources before deciding if Deferred Lifetime Income is right for you.