How to prepare for your one-on-one counseling meeting

You’ve taken the important first step of scheduling an appointment with a UC-dedicated workplace financial consultant. Now, get the most from your initial appointment by being prepared when you walk in the door. Though your first meeting may be more about getting to know your workplace financial consultant and defining your financial goals, it’s important for your workplace financial consultant to be able to understand your current financial situation.

Here are three steps to consider.

1. Gather your information

Here's a list of information that would be beneficial for you to have on-hand for your first meeting:

  • A copy of your driver’s license (or other form of identification)
  • Recent statements from any banking and/or investment accounts (i.e., checking, savings, retirement accounts, etc.)
  • A printed copy of your Retirement Review or your UC Retirement Savings Plan statements and login
  • Any non-UC pension estimates
  • Monthly budget, including loan or debt information
  • Social Security earnings statement, available from
  • Spouse’s/partner’s information (if it should be included in your planning)

2. Know your questions

In addition to financial information, consider bringing a list of specific questions you’d like answered.

3. Have your login credentials

During your appointment, you may also log into NetBenefits® to review your personal information and use some of the site’s planning tools, so be sure you know your Username and Password.

Doing some of this prep work up front will allow you and your UC-dedicated workplace financial consultant to make the best use of your time together.