Helping the women of UC
achieve their financial goals:
Special video presentation

A recent study revealed that only 25% of women (and even fewer Millennial women) consider themselves the primary financial decision-maker in their family.1 Yet during their lifetimes, 90% of women will find themselves solely responsible for their finances.2

And contrary to expectations, lack of engagement in financial matters by women persists across generations.

With financial stress being a major contributor to overall feelings of wellbeing, the UC Systemwide Wellbeing Initiative recently sponsored an event at UCLA especially for women called Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals. Kathy Murphy, President of Fidelity Personal Investing, addressed a crowd of nearly three hundred women at UCLA, reflecting on why it's so important for women to be actively engaged in financial planning and investing. 

For those who weren’t able to attend, the event was recorded and is now available.