Connect with a UC Retiree Center

Looking for guidance as you near retirement or hoping to stay connected to UC after retirement? Explore the helpful resources available at one of UC’s seven retiree centers.

UC’s network of retiree centers and emeriti associations can provide services, programs, and information for UC employees nearing retirement and those who have already retired.

You can find an on-campus retiree center at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz.

You can also get virtual support when you connect with the retiree centers online.

How Retiree Centers work

While all the retiree centers collaborate frequently, share similar missions, and offer similar services, each is uniquely tailored to the campus it serves. 

For example, the UC Davis Retiree Center serves roughly 10,000 retirees today. “We assist people considering retirement and try really hard to weave retirees into daily life on campus,” says Sue Barnes, Director of the UC Davis Retiree Center.

In addition to helping employees who are nearing retirement by providing educational workshops and offering referrals to other resources, the UC Davis Retiree Center also aims to keep retirees connected to campus by linking them to volunteer and part-time opportunities. “Through the Retiree Center, I’ve gotten a chance to give back to the University,” says Sandy Filby, who worked for UC for 30 years, “and many more chances to have fun—and learn—with amazing people.”

Many retiree centers also provide educational programs and activities each quarter—from day trips and campus tours to educational classes and retiree meetings. At UC Davis, the most popular events include an annual New Retiree Reception, a Retiree Resource Fair and a series of Transitioning to Retirement classes.

Connect with a UC Retiree Center or retiree/emeriti association now

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