Voluntary Retirement Benefits

403(b), 457(b), DC PLAN


In addition to your primary retirement benefits, you should consider saving additional money to prepare for retirement. The voluntary UC Retirement Savings Program—the 403(b), 457(b), and DC Plans—will help you build additional retirement savings to augment your primary UC retirement benefits, Social Security, and other non-UC retirement income.

For more details, please see the Complete Guide to Your UC Retirement Benefits booklet or the Summary Plan Descriptions. If you have questions, call Fidelity® Retirement Services at 1-866-6UC-RSVP (1-866-682-7787).

403(b) PLAN Pretax Savings Account
457(b) PLAN Pretax Savings Account
DC PLAN After-Tax Savings Account

Keep in mind that investing involves risk. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money.

The investment risks of each target date Pathway Fund change over time as each fund's asset allocation changes. Assets held in the Pathway Funds are subject to the volatility of the financial markets, including equity and fixed income investments in the U.S. and abroad, and may be subject to risks associated with investing in high yield, small cap and foreign securities. Principal invested is not guaranteed at any time, including at or after their target dates.

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