Money when you need it most



For many years, UC’s been researching how best to evolve our Retirement Savings Program (UC RSP) to help you save for retirement during your working years and live long, comfortable lives in retirement.

We are excited to introduce Deferred Lifetime Income to the UC Pathway Funds—the target-date fund investment series available in the UC RSP. The UC Pathway Funds offer an easy way to invest in a professionally managed portfolio that gradually reduces risk the closer the funds get to their target date, and beyond. Now, they’ll go one step further to help you convert a portion of your savings into lifelong income.

UC RSP participants between the ages of 62 and 69 will have the opportunity to make a portion of their retirement savings last a lifetime by purchasing an annuity called Deferred Lifetime Income, which provides steady monthly income for life beginning at age 78—a time when many retirees need this security most.

Watch this page for an announcement of the 2022 purchase window. The purchase window for this year is planned for early fall 2022. In the meantime, you can use this tutorial to learn more about the Deferred Lifetime Income option and decide if it’s right for you. Once the window opens for the 2022 purchase window, you will be able to log in to get a personalized quote and, if desired, make a purchase.

Let’s get started.